Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What A Sad Election Year

I must say that this election cycle is one of the worst in history. Neither candidate does anything for me. What I cannot fathom is how we got stuck with these two guys. Obama doesnt have any experience whatsoever and McCain, well he is just not what our country is looking for right now. Both candidates have marched across this country promising change, yet neither one of them has one idea of their own. When asked what cuts would they have to make since our market is on the edge of collapse, neither one could say anything they would like to cut. McCain thinks we should cut everything but Defense and Obama thinks we should add $800 Billion dollars worth of new programs and doesn't want to make any cuts. One of them tries to be a Maverick and the other a Pop Star.

McCain whom I admire and who I am voting for is really the only one qualified to lead this country. Obama since elected Senator has been the puppet of Oprah Winfrey going from place to place and shouting out the promise of Change that quite frankly he cannot and will not ever be able to deliver. McCain has finally started rolling his sleaves up and slinging a little bit more dirt Obama's way by yelling to Obama "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire" Well it may be too late to start all that mudslinging now Senator McCain. McCain should have been slinging it out since day one instead of waiting till 28 days before the election. Lets look back at history. The year 1996. Senator Bob Dole took the high road for a long time and near the end of the race for the White House, Dole started seeing his numbers decline in the polls so he started taking jabs at Clinton. Well we see how well that worked out for him. Another thing, Senator McCain PLEASE stop pulling out your VETO Sharpie. Everytime he does that I can think of one thing, BOB DOLE. McCain is already fighting a Past vs. Future campaign, so put the pen away and just tell people what it is you will do instead of trying to be dramatic with a Sharpie, because that image doesn't work for you at all.

The main thing I see as the decision maker this go round is the voting record of both candidates. Obama wants to call out McCain for his judgements in his votes, but at least McCain can make a decision. All Obama ever can seem to do is put forth a vote of Present, Neither Yea or Na. We need someone who can make decisions and not sit around and ponder on them for a few years. Our country needs immediate action, not more delays.

So, this campaign I urge the people of Columbus to vote for the person who isn't afraid of making decisions. Vote for John McCain.

Hobbs Endorses Red McDaniel

Follow The Leader…..Hobbs Endorses McDaniel

It seems there are some who would try and diminish the work and character of Councilor McDaniel by saying he does nothing and caters only to the rich. They want to go on and make it as if McDaniel has done nothing to improve Midtown Columbus. Well this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

First off, yes McDaniel has offered a helping hand to people like Bill Turner by voting to widen 45th Street in return for the construction of the industrial office park that sits there today. McDaniel’s leadership was instrumental in getting Bill Turner along with many others to invest and help revitalize the then gloomy downtown Columbus into the New Age Uptown Columbus of today. Remember that every time we lend a helping hand to business owners (the so called rich) they in turn lend a helping hand to the citizens of Columbus by offering things called jobs.

As far as Midtown is concerned, lets not forget that it is divided between three city councilors. A few years back, Midtown Inc. had a strong partnership between city leaders Nathan Suber and Red McDaniel who both were dedicated to restoring and rebuilding the Midtown area. However, over time, leadership changed and now only one is working to keep the promise he made to Midtown. It was that very same leader who was responsible for getting the ball rolling and making a motion to approve the Wynnton Quarter Project, which entails a six-block renovation between Brown Ave and Hilton. There is only one man who is working to keep his promise to Midtown and that is Red McDaniel. McDaniel understands and is dedicated to resolving the problems facing his district. Problems from outdated zoning laws, to flooding and most importantly road structure are all on the top of his to do list. With this new tax being approved, we need experienced, responsible, and trustworthy leadership at the helm.

Four years ago, McDaniel was my opponent, since then we have built a strong friendship and I know that whenever I need something or have an issue, One Call and Red’s There! This election I have had the honor of assisting Councilor McDaniel’s re-election bid. All around town I have been putting out Re-Elect Red signs and every day I go by and check on them to ensure they are still in good standing. Something I have noticed during my drive is that Mr. Yarbrough’s signs pop up right next to where I have put Red’s. The symbolism of that alone tells me who the leader and who the follower is in this campaign. We need a candidate with original thinking, a leader, not someone who follows behind with no vision or creativity of their own.

Over the years McDaniel has seen his district lines redrawn time after time. And every time he has stood up and worked hard to help those whom he was elected to serve. McDaniel’s entire life is a life of servitude. From his service as a 1st Lieutenant in the U. S. Army to his 32 years of public service to the city of Columbus, McDaniel has proven time and time again he is a born leader. Red was once honored in 1965 as an Outstanding Young Man of America. Well, Red might not be as young today as he was then, but the one thing that will never change is that Red McDaniel will always and forever be one of the Most Outstanding Men in Georgia and U.S. history.

Whether you vote early or vote on November 04, I urge you to help continue this legacy of excellence in leadership by re-electing Red McDaniel to city council district 8.

Jeremy S Hobbs