Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Must Change Course in Life

With everything we see going on all Wall Street today and yesterday, and well for the last year primarily, we still see no end or solution in site. Could this be the collapse of the American Empire? Every empire from the Persian to the Roman, the Egyptian, the Russian, The British, all have fallen and so shall we. It is not a theory, it’s a fact.

The reason for the failure always seems to be the inability to grow and expand together not by landmass, or sky liners, or by who has the biggest bank account or missile arsenal. We fail to grow spiritually. In fact we never seem to grow up and put away our playful things. We still play the 'He said, She said' game and run up and kiss their cheek and then turn around and stab them in the back. Brutus kissed the hand of Caesar then stabbed him in the groin for control of the senate and Judas kissed the cheek of Jesus and handed him over to the Romans to be tried and crucified all for a purse full of silver. We call ourselves civilized now. But how can we claim to be so when we still act like barbarians today? We look abroad and see the genocide in Dar fur and other regions all over the world and we look down upon them and call them animals and then we turn around and walk out our front doors and ignore the beggar on the street, get into our car and drive by the person trying to flag down someone for help on the side of the road.

True America is the place to be, but America is far from perfect. From the American Indians to Slavery. From Civil Rights to Gay Rights. This nation has had its hand in the mud. Right now as I speak and type people in Washington are kissing cheeks (and I want say which set of cheeks), and then as soon as the one back is turned the other is plotting their demise and downfall. Democrats and Republicans are both the same because they cannot overcome that imaginary line that divides them and our nation. That line that doesn't exist is what makes empires and nations fall. Everything we have worked and fought for is crumbling before our eyes. It's not just Wall Street or Capitol Hill or Pennsylvania Ave. It's every street and every corner, city-to-city, state-to-state, from sea to shining sea. What's worse is people don't even seem to care. Oh Yeah, their worried about their 401 K, but are they worried about the people who are without jobs, the people who use the emergency room as their primary care or the people who are homeless and out on the street? Some say they are and then they turn around and hop back on their private jet to their next campaign stop. They go around and kiss babies heads and shake hands and kiss peoples cheeks. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Now what do you think will happen as soon as you turn your back?

I'm sorry to say that this nations salvation want come from either Obama or McCain. Neither one understands what it is that we truly face. Both are scared and uncertain. You can see it in their face and hear it in their words. Neither one is coming up with a viable solution to the problem and presenting it to the American people, because neither one of them gets it. They both are clueless to what's taking place. Every time I see them on TV at a campaign rally or during a debate I ask myself, "This is the best we could come up with? This is the best America has to offer?"

Four years ago, well truly eight total, I supported a man who I thought would lead us forward and make this country a better place for all to live. I was wrong. I was Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Bush had every opportunity to turn things around. He could have frozen the adjustable rates and saved so many from loosing their homes. He could have ordered the surge sooner; he could have been more diplomatic to North Korea and yes even Iran. But instead he delayed, he procrastinated, and he failed. True he changed course, but every time it was already too late. Russia has began to remove their diplomatic mask and show its communist face again. The price of a gallon of gasoline is close to $4 a gallon. We now owe China over a trillion in debt. Our military is scattered thin. Our national deficit is the highest in history. Our economy is facing depression. And our planet is facing a global meltdown.

Not only is our country on the verge of collapse, but also every nation in every walk of life is facing the same issue. Will civilization fall? From genocide to nuclear holocaust, we are all living in fearful times. The only way we can survive this is by working together. For once in our lives, lets put away our labels and work as one. This is the only way to salvation. God didn't put us on this Earth to tear each other down and rip each other apart. This alone is why nations and empires fail and fall. For thousands of years we have played this game the same way, and every time we get the same result. Isn't it time to change our strategy and stop trying to defeat, outdo, conquer and overcome? We can do it, hand in hand, working together, to cross the finish line. Lets make a life altering change of course this year. One that doesn't end in failure.