Sunday, October 19, 2008

Opening the Doors to Success

This is a letter from Jeremy S Hobbs, Chairman of the Better Way Foundation..Living with Hope

Opening the Doors to Success.

Someone recently wrote a letter to me telling me they would be glad the day would come when no longer would we have to struggle to fight this fight. That fight is living in a world with HIV. As I am content to know the human mind can do anything it sets out to achieve, my mind is at ease knowing there will be a vaccine one day. But those like me, already inflicted, know the truth and it’s frightening, because that truth is there’s no cure in sight.

I am resolved that I will never touch the cure. But every day I live, I live it as if it were my last. We have so precious time to carry out our mission(s) within our life. Some are given a lifetime, and some like me are not. But I do know this to be the truest thing in my heart, because of my love for life. I want to see our world succeed. I want to see mankind achieve unity. I see past HIV. So many others that share my fight stay one track minded on their purpose and goal, but as for me that just doesn't spell out growth. We must always continue to grow and love and comfort, not just our own, but all those of every race, every nation, and every one. That's why I partner with the city to help improve and make things better for all our citizens. I fight for the school board, because I know I'll never have children of my own. I want to see each one of your children live well and succeed. I have made each and every child my own in a manner of speaking, and I shall stand up for each and every one of them because I know each child is a member of our future, our community and our home. I have been blessed to know so many who open their doors and sit down with me and actually care about how I feel and what I want to say. This community has become my family. I have made all of Columbus a member of my home. Family is what you make of it, like I tell my mom and dad all the time. Blood does make family, but family is truly what you make of it and I have made you all my own. We must all learn the ability to love one another and look past and beyond a person’s flaws. We are only human, each and every one.

I started an organization earlier this year dedicated to helping others who live every day life, just like me. Because I truly believe that this city and its citizens are more open to this crisis than people say. Because I have seen the good that this city has to offer and I have felt the love from others who have opened their hearts up and shared their love and stories with me. It’s my dream; it’s my legacy, its what I want to leave behind. I continue forward trying to reach out to those who live life, like me. They simply just will not open up their door and are afraid of what people might say and how people will treat them as different. And every time they step out on a limb and walk into a room, they fear the whispers and mutters are pointed directly at them. Just like the cure, finding those that will come forward and emerge from the shadows, share their life with others and keep their heads held high, I continue to find, failure is at many a door. Friends say, “Jeremy, Why continue to fight on, wasting your energy, your time, and your life knocking at those doors”, and I reply, “Because sooner or later I am going to open that door to success.” I choose to continue to fight on and open each door looking for those who want to start a “Better Way” to life. Our society must realize that we are all in this together as one. Petty are our differences, and we must learn to see past them because they truly are nothing more than just an illusion. We are all the same, you and I. Made of blood and water, heart and soul. I want to say to those who have joined my fight, “Thank You for your love and dedication” And I say to all “Never Give Up and Never Settle for Just One Dream!”