Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Time to End the Prohibition of Marijuana

It’s time to End the Prohibition on Marijuana
It seems the more I read of this Red Ribbon Week editorial on marijuana, I feel more and more compelled to say, I think we should legalize it. They say pot is the gateway drug, well I say alcohol is the gateway drug to all of it. I am a firm believer if it comes from the earth, then man shall inherit it.
Ok, so let me go ahead and address the comments that will come in.
Opium, Heroine and Cocaine come from the land, so they should be able to inherit that too, right? Wrong. Those both are broken down from plants like the coca plant and poppies. They have to be genetically altered to form that substance. I can say the same for one other thing as well, Alcohol, which is broke down from barley and hops and made into a drink. Tobacco true comes from the earth, but at the same time, additives and such like nicotine are added to the cigarette.
When I talk about what comes from the earth, I mean literally. Sure we cannot eat certain things that come from our earth, but at the same time, we can others. With 14.8 million people using marijuana here in the states, that number alone speaks volumes for itself. Several times cities throughout America have tried to legalize the substance, mainly for one reason alone; it is overcrowding our jails and prisons. The same reason San Francisco wants to legalize prostitution or as they say make it where it is not a crime. Sounds like legalizing to me.
We try to control way too much in this country, the land of freedom. We have more pressing issues to worry about than people who use marijuana. And these things where people say Murderer was high on pot, but when you read further down he was also on other agents as well like cocaine, X, Meth, and other harder drugs. The police around this country have their hands full now. There are more important things to be worrying about like Meth, Cocaine, Crack, heroine, and such. These are the drugs that are killing people. And I don’t believe in putting drug users behind bars, because these folks are hurting namely themselves and there is a reason behind this behavior. Now true families and such are affected by their behavior, but we need more intervention methods here. What happened to compassion for others? We need to help these people and offer rehab instead of prison. A person gets pot on their record and is kept from getting certain jobs for the rest of their life. One reason why people go to harder drugs such as Meth and cocaine is because they don’t want to get caught with bulk. Pot itself is a very bulky substance and harder to dispose of. Ever seen a pothead eating a joint? Its not a pretty picture. But a person with other drugs can simply take them or swallow them and pray to God they don’t overdose all because they don’t want to go to jail.Marijuana has some harmful side effects, the same as drinking, and smoking do. But I don’t hear too often of potheads beating their wives and such. I lived around alcohol most of my life and saw what that DRUG does to people and how it brings harm to others.Ok, final comment to those who say by purchasing marijuana, your supporting terrorism. Well I can say this. Every time you purchase a gallon of gas, you too are supporting terrorism.So, let me have it. What are your thoughts on marijuana? Should we keep it illegal or should we ease the burden on so many officers trying to find your stolen goods and finding Mr. Lumpkin’s vehicle before he got to them. We have a vast array of issues that face our fine men and women of law enforcement everyday. We must focus on the true issues that affect our communities and our country.
Oh by the way, if marijuana is legalized, you should be over the age of 21 to consume it.
But anyhow, I know there are bad sides to everything, but I also know that there is a better way to help our society overcome its dependence on anything. We have to overcome our dependence on oil as a nation, I have to overcome my dependence of cigarettes, others be alcohol, pot. And for those who feel that Meth and cocaine can solve the problems for them, we have to help them overcome this dependence. Not punish them for falling on their face, but encourage and help guide them away from the drug instead of pushing them back out on the street to fail and fall on their face again only to have them pick themselves back up with habit back in hand.There is a reason drug use is on the rise. All you have to do is look around you, turn on the news, read the paper, apply for a job. People want to feel better about the world they live in. So, we have to do something and alter course here, because what we are doing, isn’t working.
The laws and legal system regarding drug users needs to be reformed and we have got to give a little as well. I feel if marijuana were legal, the demand for these other more dangerous drugs will substantially drop. But that is one solution to this crisis. I don’t want to see teenagers sent off to jail because they smoked pot, no more than I do adults. You start by destroying their record calling them a drug user and menace to society, and then throw them into jail alongside murderer’s, rapists, and thieves all because they smoked a little weed, and you wonder why, when they are released, they seem to find their way back into the system again and again. This system is broken, and we truly need some real reform.Be sure you understand my meaning here. Say NO to Drugs. But, for all those that say Yes, we need to find a better way to help them say No. Because locking them up in prison isn’t solving anything.