Sunday, November 30, 2008

Endorsement of Dr. Susan Andrews for Superintendent of Education

As chairman of the NPCAC, it is my honor to write and give this endorsement for our next superintendent of education to Dr. Susan Andrews.

Non-Partisan Civic Alliance of Columbus Endorsement of the Next
MCSD Superintendent of Education

Our candidate for superintendent of education is Dr. Susan Andrews. She seems personable and is well in tuned with Muscogee County and its issues. One member said “I think the caliber of people in her corner, along with the improvements and performance of the Harris County school system under her tenure, along with her intimate knowledge of the coming effects of BRAC, speak loudly as to her being the best candidate for the job.”I myself attended the forum of Dr. Mitchell. Now while she gave a good presentation, first of all she has never been a Superintendent of Education before and we need someone with experience behind the wheel here so to speak. Also, she made one critical error while speaking last week. She said the MCSD has shown fiscal responsibility. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard her say that, because I knew then, she didn't have a clue to what she was getting herself into and was not at all familiar with the fiscal chaos in spending we have all been witness to. She undoubtedly does not know about the astronomical salary and benefits package being paid to Dr. Phillips, the same amount in salary that we pay the Governor of the State of Georgia. With all the recent issues with the $26 Million plus Administration building, I personally cannot see where MCSD has been good stewards of tax payer’s money, nor can my constituents.Dr. Hollinger even though he has experience, he already brings with him sour notes and tones from people that have worked with him before, so simply we are tired of the drama and we don’t want anyone that has a history of these kind of issues. We have dealt with enough drama and issues within and between our own board and superintendent of education. We need leaders who show and exemplify characteristics of teamwork and cooperation. Plain and simple. It’s time to appoint a WOMAN as Superintendent of Education here in Columbus. Ever since I was a kid this district has been under male order and has continued to have issue after issue, not to mention the two former Superintendent's that died due to mysterious circumstances. Our city has a strange and somewhat sinister history with former superintendents. It’s my personal feeling and experience that women make better teachers. I have had a few exceptional male teachers, but I had more that inspired and motivated me that were women. We need a woman with compassion and leadership skills to lead us into the next decade. We need a leader who will be a strong communicator and listener. We need a person who is knowledgeable of the issues this city faces and understands the struggle our citizens have been through with the school boards past reckless spending and inexcusable behavior. This leader must understand that relations between citizens and the school board are very poor. We have a majority of folks who just don’t trust the school board. With the responsibilities we face with the incoming BRAC growth, and another 8 schools being needed, we must institute a new SPLOST. And in order for that to happen, we are going to need to see a lot of hard work and effort from the new superintendent to heal these wounds inflicted by this current administration and board.
Our new superintendent has their work cut out for them and we want to ensure they know what they are getting themselves into. They have to work hard to restore trust and faith in our community. They have to work hard to help increase our student testing scores, not just to an equivalency average, but above. We want to see real and true leadership from our next superintendent of education and we expect to see results.
It is our firm belief that Dr. Susan Andrews is the best candidate for this job and we urge our school board to vote on her behalf. We truly hope she is up to the challenge.

Endorsement of Non-Partisan Civic Alliance of Columbus
Name Position Vote
Jeremy S Hobbs, Chairman Dr. Susan Andrews
John Coley Co Chair Dr. Susan Andrews
Pat Coley Secretary Dr. Susan Andrews

Overwhelming support from on line membership as well for Dr. Susan Andrews

Voted on this 30th day of November, 2008.

Letters on the Article Obama...America's President

Letter 1
Your opinion isn't the same as mine. I look forward to getting rid of this racist character.--Dallas

Well do I need to even say anything about this one?
Letter 2

Dear Mr. Hobbs,

You stress "Racism" over and over in the article you sent to many people within Muscogee County. "Truth and Honesty" would be a better reason for some people not to have voted for or a reason not to support our future President Nominee Obama. I have added an article from " We The People Foundation" who are basically only interested in the United States Constitition being followed and never mentions the reason as being " Racial".

I don't believe the majority of whites are racist. Most have opened their hearts and given more, than ever could be received. Lincoln was responsible for freeing the slaves and the Republicans voted overwhelmingly to free the slaves. It was the Democrats who objected. I as a Conservative Republican will always support my County First and that will include the President, if he qualifies. Until he can produce a valid and " Original Birth Certificate " I will not consider him a constitutionally elected American President.

I know you're a Republican and I respect your views since we all are guaranteed " Freedom of Speech ". However, the only objection I have is that you list me in the same category as a Racist and that I'm not. I served 30 years in the Army and I'm a Vietnam Veteran. I was willing to serve and defend my county and I still am, but the U.S. Constitution must be defended as well.

God Bless you and our glorious country. As an activist in the defense of your country yourself, I would like to ask you come join our Georgia Conservative Republican Voters Coalition and work with other wonderful Americans, while helping us return the " Reagan Era - Conservative Values and Principles back to our local Muscogee County Republican Party.

We need true Republicans like yourself to join us and make our politicians return to serving the people. I've also gone to your website and review your concern for those needing help and that's nothing short of "God caring person - trying to help those in need" I surely respect your program and support your views. As a fellow Republican I would be honored to have you join our GCRVC and we'll join you whenever you need our help. I truly believe that " Support is a 2-way system" with both parties willing to support each other or it stops when only one is the giver.


Chuck Wells
President, Georgia Conservative Republican Voters Coalition

I think you and a lot of my readers are missing the point here. I did not mean if you didn't vote for Obama you were a racist. There have been many racist remarks made in front of me, not to mention when I spoke with Valerie Canepa, President of Columbus LE, she said you would be horrified at the some of the letters and sound off's that come through that don't get published. Sir, I am referring only to those who are acting out racially. They spoke out racially and the article I dont think was all about racism. That was just one of the many factors that I was speaking of. There were three things listed in that sentence. utter filth, pure ignorance, and strong tones of racism. They were not meant to be combined into one category as some have done.
Also, one thing that strikes me as odd. You said I mentioned racism several times, but by my count, I only see one time I mentioned it. But I will be more than happy to join you and work with your organization to help make shape our Republican Party for the future.

Chuck, Thanks for writing, and I hope you can understand the meaning of the letter now. I voted for McCain as you will see in the letter as well, so I surely wouldn't be calling myself a racist. But I am calling out those who know exactly who they are that have made pun after pun and racial limericks about Obama. It's time to grow up. Each of us had our reasons for voting for who we wanted. But this election is over and we must move forward and we must show to the rest of the country that we are ready to work with Obama. Let's keep our word when we say we will work with our leaders.

Letter 3 writes:
Hi, Jeremy,As a rational, ethical conservative, I need not feign greater admiration for the President-elect than he deserves for his policy positions, just because he appears to belong to a racial minority. I need not pretend that his cabinet choices are somehow more ingenious than those of President Bush, who is indeed AMERICA'S PRESIDENT as we write these words. I need not try to be content with socialist policies, which will damage my country as they have in the past under FDR, LBJ, and (now that we know about Fannie Mae's abusive role in expanding the socialist agenda) WJC, depriving people of their basic rights and freedoms and reducing us all that much more to a condition of political servitude. Nor need I hold back from a concerted agenda to restore ethical conservatism to the Republican Party and then support my party in removing our newly elected socialist from power at the expiration of his first term in office. In short, I need not be any kinder or gentler to this man than to any previous President just because he appears to belong to a racial minority.Ethical conservatives are not racist. We are the same people, with the same outlook, as those who nominated Abraham Lincoln as our candidate in 1860. We are the same people, with the same ideas, as Republican Congressman Thaddeus Stevens, called "radical" in the post-Lincoln era for forward-thinking views that Conservative Republicans today hold to be normal and rational. We are of the same mind as Republican activist and former slave Frederick Douglass, who energetically worked with Lincoln to raise Negro troops for the Union Army and later fought for women's suffrage. We are the same people as Republican activist and civil-rights leader, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who tried to convey a message that we must learn to look past the superficial differences of race and instead look to the character of the people behind those illusory racial masks, and yes, JUDGE THEM according to that character. And we are the same people as President Ronald Reagan, who showed us that faith in individual Americans, as Americans and only as Americans, regardless of their ancestors' continent of origin, is what makes our country free and strong.It is racist to overlook the President-elect's faulty political assumptions and overtly anti-capitalist agenda and then laud him for virtues of political wisdom and skill that he does not evidence anymore than previous Presidents-elect from his party, just because he appears to belong to a racial minority. It is racist to think that the President-elect is smarter than he really is, more morally sound than he really is, or more concerned for American values than he really is, just because he appears to belong to a racial minority. Those who cannot look past the President-elect's racial features and scrutinize his words and actions objectively, just as if he were of wholly European heritage like past presidents, are racist by definition, because it is they to whom race is the constant distraction.If there is anyone among us who suffers from that malady, so common among Democrats, of seeing race before seeing anything else, then let them go home and reconsider their ethics. Racism is the belief that character is a function of race. By comparison, we believe that character is a God-given attribute equally available to all of us who aspire to work toward it. Whether one believes that his own race is stronger in character than another, or that another race is stronger in character than his own, it makes no difference. Seeing race first is the sickness, however it happens to pervert the senses. If such people are hidden here and there among us, perhaps they should join the other party, where such perversion of character commands curious respect. Otherwise, through ample meditation and patient effort to adhere to rational thinking in every aspect of political debate, those afflicted in this way may yet have a chance to develop the eyes for character that our predecessors had, and which Conservative Republicans have today. Cheers,Richard

Undoubtedly you haven't been around town listening to the stuff coming out of folks mouths. I know racism sir when I hear it, and that is exactly what those statements have been. You read the sound off's I suppose or maybe you don't. But when I spoke to Valerie Canepa, she told me you would be horrified if you had seen the ones coming through that are not published.

He has made adequate decisions already, and with the help of President Bush, he will be ready on day 1. Abraham Lincoln believed in Bi-partisanship. He had Johnson as his Vice President. A democrat who in turn reversed several of Lincoln's policies and put a halt to civil rights in the south. I have learned one thing in Politics, Richard. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Obama knows he is better off with Clinton as his Secretary of State than having a pulpit from the Senate floor to criticize his every move, because she wants to be President.

Give him a chance, that's all I am saying. Policies make up a part of the Presidency, but the man himself can either make it or break it. Bush broke it. I worked hard to re-elect him in 2004 and 2000. Our party has fallen apart. You know it as well as I. Even McKoon said so. How we ever got John McCain as our nominee and not Mitt Romney is way beyond me. But we both know it was because of prejudice my friend he wasn't elected to run. Because he was a Mormon. I have heard that filth uttered time and time again. We need to be moving forward and ahead and working with the leaders we have now. Working together is something America wants to see, and no matter how bad the democrats are at it, it's us the Republicans who are the bad guys right now. Elections speak louder than words. Work with Obama. Show that we are willing to work together to make this country better. Quit worrying about yesteryear and start worrying about today.

Also, one thing that strikes me as odd. You mentioned racism several times, but by my count, I only see one time I mentioned it. Another thing that strikes me odd as well is how quickly you became defensive over what you thought the letter meant. The letter talks about cooperation and working together. Not racism. Most of your letter is about racism. I think your comments speak volumes in itself.

Obama...America's President

For several days now I have continued to listen to and read the utter filth, pure ignorance, and strong tones of racism being spread all across this town. I have seen all the spineless and authorless two-liner Sound Off’s printed calling the Obama election, ‘the beginning of the end.’ Others fear worse, that he is evil and yes, even there are those that claim he is the beast himself, the anti-Christ. We even had local high school students put together a widely criticized and provocative website entitled, “Obama…Not My President”.

It’s difficult to understand how so much hate can spew forth from people over an election, over a man, who is nothing more than a human being. The man hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet and people are already working diligently and non stop to unseat and replace him in 2012.
Now first off, I didn’t vote for Obama. But even I can see how much better off we are already. The diligence, the determination, and the motivation that we see already coming from Obama, is most impressive, and he isn’t even sworn in yet. Obama’s transition efforts are to be praised and commended. We can put those fears of inexperience to rest because we can now see that Obama will be ready to lead on day one.
I believe in President–Elect Obama. He hasn’t given me any reason not to, as of yet. But, until he does, I am going to honor my promise and honor the commitments made by Sen. John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin, to support our President and work together to ensure he as well as our country succeeds.
In the midst of this economic turmoil and the resurfacing of terror attacks across the globe, we must be steadfast, we must be focused, we must be committed, not to our party, but to our country.
Our country is beckoning to its citizens and calling on all Americans to stand together and work together, so that we may fix and solve the problems here at home and those abroad.
Uncle Sam is pointing to us again, saying “I Want You!” We are needed, we are being tested, and we are being called upon once again to ask what we can do for our country. It’s time to answer the call of our country and our leaders. It’s time to put the past behind us and stand together, side by side, working with one other, so that we can succeed.