Friday, December 5, 2008

Letter From Richard S. Voss

Ok Guys, this another letter from Richard Voss concerning the article, Obama...America's President. Some people just dont know how to move forward, look at his blog title for Mitt Romney still. In this letter I am again called a racist, and told I called republicans racist. I never said Republicans were acting like racists, I said people were. So, as usual in politics we see and hear what we want to and if we dont agree with their statements we make them into something they are not. This is why we continue to fail. So please, ladies and gentlemen, tell me where I said Republicans are racist, please read the article Obama...America's President and see where and when I said anyone in particular was racist. Especially when I only used the word race one time in the entire article. But it seems race is very important to Mr. Voss, because thats all he can focus on and the republican party. Don't tout your employers accomplishments to me...tout your own. What have you done to stand up against racism here in America, not your party, not your employer, not your mom, dad, aunt, uncle. You, what have you done to stand up against racism and speak out on it when you see it even if it means exposing members of your own party? I understand completely what I am conveying because I wrote it. So don't tell me what my words mean, especially when I wrote them.

Hi, Jeremy,
You wrote the following:Also, one thing that strikes me as odd. You mentioned racism several times, but by my count, I only see one time I mentioned it. Another thing that strikes me odd as well is how quickly you became defensive over what you thought the letter meant. The letter talks about cooperation and working together. Not racism. Most of your letter is about racism. I think your comments speak volumes in itself.

Really, you need to understand what you are actually conveying. Read my message again, as evidently you did not get it. We are Republicans. We are the ones who started getting rid of racism in official interaction, starting with the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments. Yes, those were Republicans, and they were operating on precisely the same philosophy as that on which we operate today. Yes, we are offended when we are called racist, either implicitly or explicitly, by you or anyone else. We were the ones who drove the civil-rights movements of the 1950s and 1960s. My own employer, Troy University, a very conservative institution, actually founded and owns the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. Racial advancement has always been very important to us, so yes, we are offended when people like you hurl epithets that deny all the work that we did on that front to get as far as we are today.Read my message again. Would you say the same things about Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter when they won? No, and that makes my point. Whether you think that a member of a given ethnic minority (or one who merely appears to be so) is better or worse than that of another because of his race, then you cannot see past race, and yes, that makes you racist. Sorry if that forces you to look within a little more deeply, but it is not a trivial matter. We've been fighting this battle since we started out in 1854, and evidently, we still have a lot of work to do. It would be nice if you joined us, instead of parroting the accusations and innuendo of our socialist political opponents.Cheers,RSV-- Richard S. Voss, Ph.D.

Dear Richard,

My friend, as I was saying in my letter which undoubtedly you didn't understand that there are several racist remarks being thrown about and its not just from a party, its from human beings who are saying such. Just yesterday I walked into Walgreens and these three teenage boys were walking out, and one was saying and I quote "Now that we have elected n****r for President", something or another and the boys just started laughing their ass off. I wish I could have heard what the rest he said, but just the beginning alone is the thing I am talking about.

There is no need to give me a lecture on how the republican party helped to stop racism well slavery. I know it was Lincoln who started the movement, but after his assassination, the democrat VP Johnson took over and put a halt to the civil rights movement for the country. Democrats have done more to hold up civil rights that any other political party. They caved in to the barbaric south and let them have free run for another hundred years. That is why I am a Republican because of the good that our party has brought forward to others. The goodwill our party represented under Ronald Reagan, the historical value of TDR and his work within our country.

I think the thing I have to say to you is that I don't care about the party system in America really any more. In Modern day America the two party system has really caused more problems than good. I believe a positive step forward is a unification process. We have to mend our wounds and get back up on our feet and stand tall, because we have a lot of work to do as a country, not just a party. The blatant acts of the current sitting congress to stall things until after the election is a prime example of how the two party system isn't working. Just today, I read in our paper about LBJ's conversations about Nixon trying to stall South Vietnam from entering the peace accord until after the election, because if they did get to the peace accord and a treaty was struck, then Hubert Humphrey the democrat Presidential candidate would have been given a boost and won the election. The two party system selfishly holds up America's progress for party reasons, and that is not in the best interest of Americans. And as LBJ said, that in itself is treason. When we intentionally hold up progress, things that are for the good of America, for political party reasons, then we have become part of the problem.

One thing you will see that history dictates that all fall from grace and things change. And we need to be looking to change the course here in America, become the frontiersmen of a new age of doing business here in America. I wish I had the answer, but I think you know as well as I, something must give, because Americans are sick of the political games.

People don't like to here the word racism used, and that's fine, because simply people dont want to face the realities in life. People want to ignore the problems and hope they will go away. Just like AIDS here in America, which again is on the rise, and why, because not enough people want to address the issue. AIDS cannot be a word that is filtered from our minds, nor can racism. Unfortunately it still lives on today, within both races. You think NAACP Bill Madison isn't a racist, PLEASE. Everything with him is about race, things that don't have anything to do with race, he will make them about race, trying to keep that fire alive within the population to effect folks mentally into voting another way. We simply just need to open our eyes and stop turning a blind eye to what is taking place all over this country. That doesn't solve anything, as you will see from President Johnson all the way to LBJ for signing into law civil rights. People are mistreated and even die when we choose to ignore the realities of life.

Racism isn't a party thing, its a human flaw. It's not something a party can do away with, it lives on in the human minds and hearts, because they were brought up that way and decided not to change and alter course for the better way of humanity. Now you can call me a racist all you want, but dude, I've dated two African American ladies in my life, because I look to a persons inner beauty, the color of their skin is irrelevant. You can try to make it sound any way you want it to, but if you continue to ignore the reality of what is going on across this city, then you become part of the problem. Wake up and face it, these things that are being said are racist, and some are just stupid and because you don't want me to point them out so that somehow our party will be strengthened, that's BS. It has nothing to do with our party, and by the way Bill Clinton I believe was called The first Black president because of his policies and such and was called by several folks, even my mother, called Clinton a n****r lover. Don't tell me what I hear is parroting what they are saying, it is the honest truth and I am sorry if that is something that's difficult for you to hear. We the people make up America, not the republicans or democrats, but Americans. So as to say get on board, well that's one train I'm not boarding. I'm not going to be silent while I see things take place around town and about. The only way change will ever come is when you choose to stand up and speak out and not remain silent or pretend nothing is wrong.

Everything you want to talk about is Republicans did this and that. Who gives a damn? Its the human factor that means the most to me. Not the party factor. Or giving credit to someone for something that should have been done to begin with because we should have been able to see that what we were doing was barbaric. And because of that, tension still lives amongst both races, not parties, but at least we are not as far behind as Africa is by committing acts of genocide because it doesn't like a certain group of people. We are well beyond that, but is that a reason to stop progress and working to better relations between races?

As I said one more time, I mentioned the word RACISM in that letter ONE time. And from that you took it and called me one. I didn't say republicans were going around town saying things racist, I said people were. So, your only seeing what you want to see from that letter, and I have had several letters from prominent republicans that agree. But I will continue to try and convey clarity in my statements so you can understand them better. You've heard of Well that name in itself doesn't make change. We must do more than just move on, we must move forward.

What did John McCain and Sarah Palin say to do? Support and get behind our new President and help him move this country forward. So listen to everything they say, not just some. I suppose because they lost, their words don't mean anything. Well they do to me and I am proud of both of them for their statements. I pray their actions will not contradict those statements.

I don't have to take anything to heart, because that's where I write from, my heart. I have faced who I am and I know myself and to thine own self be true. Not to thy political party be true. Do what's best for ALL Americans, not just some. Speak out on behalf of ALL Americans. Stand up for ALL Americans. We are not Republica or Democratica, we are America and we are ALL Americans. As long as I continue to see ignorance, racist remarks, and utter filth spew from mouths, I will continue to point it out. I look to a better party for policy, the Christian party, who says to love thy neighbor. When you see something going on, you speak out. But as in all politics, they try to take your statements and misconstrue them to say something totally different and try to dismiss them calling them racist. You need not try that with me. And one more thing, why do you still have a blog for Mitt Romney in Muscogee County. Talk about not being about to let things go.