Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why I Voted For Jim Martin.....From Secretary of Muscogee Young Republicans

In today's Ledger Enquirer Tim Chitwood wrote a column titled "Direct-mail tactic battered Martin" Even though Martin did not win, I want to say to Muscogee County Thank You for voting as a majority for Jim Martin. The List of Horrors that were sent door to door by postcard explain my decision for my vote for Jim Martin.

The following statement was issued on Tuesday December 02, 2008:

"Well, I voted for Martin. And let me tell you why.

1. I vowed to give my full support to our next president and in order to show good faith, I gave him another vote for change, since that is the sentiment this country as a majority currently embraces.

2. Every day I received by postal mail a negative and down right nasty ad from Saxby Chambliss telling me all the faults of Jim Martin. EVERY DAY, and today I got three all from different folks talking down about Martin and telling me to vote for Chambliss. No More Negative Politics.

Now, take into account I voted early as well, because I have a trash can filled with Chambliss materials. But I was re-affirmed of my vote for Martin on election's eve when they showed this Chambliss commercial. It was the worst political commercial I have ever seen put out by Chambliss supporters all showing these very awkward and unflattering photos of Jim Martin, several of them and slamming him for one thing after another.

It's time for change, and I helped echo that call for change with my vote for Jim Martin.I'm ready to see some action on capitol hill. I'm ready to see change. I'm ready for the next chapter in U S History. And I have turned the page, and am ready to help usher it in."

I do hope in the future, our political officials will not stoop to such negative politics. It is disgraceful and down right filth. I offer my congratulations to Sen. Saxby Chambliss for his win, but I hope he will take the higher road in elections to come. For if he continues to play the games he did in this election, I will vote against him again and again. Regardless what party I belong to, I still vote from my heart and will continue to always do so.