Friday, December 19, 2008

Legalizing Sunday Sales ROUND 3

For the past three years I have been an active voice in trying to get our state legislators to change the archaic prohibition-era restriction on Sunday Alcohol Sales. And for three years I have been saying that we need those tax dollars at work right here in Georgia. And now, as our state faces a severe budget crisis, perhaps, now they will listen. Every state that surrounds Georgia allows Sunday Alcohol Sales. It's High Time we get off our butts and do something to help out Senator Seth Harp.

Below are two articles I wrote over the last two years regarding Alcohol sales, both of which were published in the Ledger Enquirer.

Let Georgian’s Have Their Say!

I wanted to say thanks to our Representative Seth Harp, simply for the courage it took for him to attempt to bring an end to the archaic prohibition-era law that restricts Georgian’s from purchasing alcohol products on Sunday. I remember when I ran for city council three years ago, one of my agenda’s was to get a city ordinance to allow only businesses that were already open like convenient stores and package stores the right to sell on Sunday. It was never my intention to allow club type establishments the right to open up on Sunday.

The adversity I faced with that one issue was overwhelming. I remember one voter I was talking to about the advantages of having Sunday sales told me “To hell with them, if they want alcohol that bad, let them take their ass across the river and buy it.” I simply can not understand why all our surrounding neighbor states allow Sunday sales, yet Georgia still wishes to pass up on tax dollars that can be used right here in our own state and our own communities.

I have a pretty good idea what Seth Harp has probably had to endure on his position with this one issue alone. It took me by surprise that such a conservative senior state representative would make such a proposal. While running for office in 2004, the majority of the voters that opposed the legalized Sunday sales were seniors, mostly 55 and older.

I think its time for people to stop being so stubborn and set in their ways. Progress is going to happen whether you are apart of it or not. We are giving away much needed tax dollars that can be used right here in Columbus to help fund our public safety and our schools. Columbus can only stand to gain from the extra tax revenue from Sunday sales.

We can no longer let personal bias be a factor in letting our community and state suffer. Let it be heard. Let the people have their say. Many were opposed to the state lottery, but just look at the rewards. Georgia just recently awarded its millionth Hope Scholarship award, all because of the Georgia Lottery. Georgia voted to allow the lottery and they should be allowed to vote on legalized Sunday sales. Lets see what the people want! Eventually the people of Georgia will come together and realize the advantages of having legalized Sunday sales is far better than being stubborn and letting progress pass us by.

Prohibition of Sunday Alcohol Sales is Mans Law… Not God’s!

Concerning the article in Sunday’s Ledger titled “Sunday Alcohol Sales a Bad Idea”, I must step in and say, get a life. I too wrote an article on April 06, 2007 titled “Progress vs. Bias” that established a well known fact that our bible doesn’t say not to drink or sell alcohol on Sunday’s. So my question is how can you mislead or lead people astray from God, when in fact, our Lord and Savior has no prohibition policy except on sin. I think the writer needs to be more concerned about misconstruing the Lord’s word just so he can push his methodology or should I say mythology onto others.

Lets face it. Religion does not condemn alcohol on Sundays. If we want to get technical, lets not serve it on Saturday either to better suit the Seventh Day Adventists. We cannot please everyone. It’s time to put ignorance aside and let this state make its own choice whether we should allow Sunday sales or not. We should have our say. Let Georgia decide whether to legalize Sunday sales. Oh, and please stop using religion to try and serve your own archaic ideals and selfish interests. For centuries we have had so many perverse our Lord’s word crying out that it is a sin for this and that, just so they can pass off their own simple minded beliefs to others and dictate not God’s word, but mans word. People that use the Lord’s name in vain by preaching falsehoods are the ones who lead people astray. The Sunday prohibition didn’t come from the mouth of God or His Son, nor did any hearsay utter it anywhere throughout the bible. It wasn’t till the 1900’s when we finally come to this miraculous realization that ignored all wine drinking on the Sabbath and said we shouldn’t sell alcohol not just on Sundays but we should prohibit the drinking of alcohol altogether. So it took over 1900 years after the death of Christ, not to mention centuries of religious scholar study by the Church for this great country to see something that no other ever saw, the writing from our global bible that translated into the law we shouldn’t consume or sell alcohol on Sundays.

People are going to get alcohol on Sundays regardless. Now we can have them going out dining and getting drunk and then driving home inebriated, or have consumers who are already intoxicated run out of their product and then drive across the bridge to restock, pretty much telling people to drink and drive. The sin doesn’t come from drinking or smoking, it comes from overindulging of any substance. Why don’t we make sex and smoking illegal on Sundays as well? We shouldn’t enjoy any pleasures at all on that day if you truly want to follow this ignorant methodology. I too am not a drinker, and my grandfather was an abusive alcoholic, but I will not go and tell others not to drink. Each person is responsible for his or her own actions. The writer is worried about children seeing others buy alcohol on Sundays and thinking its fine. We should be more worried about the violence, sex abuse, and drug usage we let them see on TV each and everyday. In today’s society alcohol is the least of our problems.

People of this great country have grown to know the difference between man’s law and God’s law. And quite frankly I am sickened by all those who would corrupt our great bible by misleading people with untruths just so they can dictate their own selfish ideals and beliefs onto others. Which do you think God has a bigger problem with, folks drinking on the Sabbath or folks falsifying the word of God for personal gratification?

I hope you will join this fight and give our Senator Seth Harp the support he needs to help get this measure approved and start keeping those tax dollars from going across our river every Sunday. Quit letting churches tell you its wrong to drink on the Sabbath, and then go home and open a six pack you bought the day before to watch the big game. Stand up for yourself. I am not a drinker, but I see no reason for us to not allow Sunday sales of Alcohol here in Georgia. Do You??