Friday, December 26, 2008

A Sour Note On Iraq

I think this picture speaks a 1000 words. The sacrifice our men and women have made for the people of Iraq, regardless of the fact we did not find weapons of mass destruction as thought, the people of Iraq are free. They are free to choose their government. They are free to choose their God. Women are free to work in Parliament. Over 4000 of our men and women gave their life so that they could have the freedom to make those choices. It saddens me that a journalist is hailed as a hero for showing the up most disrespect to our President, the man who is responsible for the freedoms these people now share. I understand the way it looks abroad that we are occupiers of their country and have taken it over. But they don't see the blood and hard work that has been put into making the country of Iraq a terror free and dictator free state. I will never forget what we have done for the people of Iraq, and I pray that the majority of Iraqi's never forget it either.

When we pull our last troop out in 2011, I pray each and every soldier remembers exactly what they did there. They set a nation free. They taught a nation to govern and defend itself. They helped bring an end to tyranny and terrorist rule. They are and will forever be heroes. I am just saddened that they have to witness such acts of disrespect and hate towards the men and women who ended their suffrage. Now they have the right to shout out against their leadership, and yes even ours. But it was because of us, the US, they now have that freedom to exercise. Let us never think our actions in Iraq were meaningless. We brought freedom to a nation and taught them the beauty of democracy, and that gift shall spread across the land to other nations hungry for the taste of freedom and end of tyranny.

Let Freedom Ring!!!

By Jeremy Hobbs
Picture By Michael Ramirez