Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time to Roll Up the Sleeves and Fix the Good Ole U S of A!

Fix the Good Ole U S of A
By Jeremy S Hobbs
Secretary of the Muscogee County Young Republicans
Mayors Committee for Persons w/ Disabilities
MPO Citizens Advisory Committee

Well what a year 2008 was for us as a nation and our party (R). I'm not sure what took place, but I do know this, now more than ever, our party needs to shine. We see all the excess in spending on Capitol Hill and no one has any idea how much this trillion dollar bail out will really cost us, the taxpayers in the end. President-Elect Obama has already stated throwing money at the problem will not fix or solve anything and has already begun to prepare us for dire times and worsened conditions. He is prepping us now, So Watch Out! Be Ready! Because the situation will become dramatically worse before it gets better. How much louder does he have to say it? So everyone, I say be prepared. Be steadfast. But above all put partisan indifference aside for once in our lives and fix these problems by working together. Everyone that sits on Capitol Hill is there for a reason. Whether they are Republican or Democrat, The people of their state believed in them enough to elect them to help make change. If we the Republican Party fail today, and continue forward stubborn and unwilling to bend, then this party will indeed be dead.

Our republican party is in total chaos. Instead of trying to re unite our party we have people out there trying to divide us further by trying to start these "Ultra Conservative" groups because McCain wasn’t conservative enough for America. They just don't get it. America is not on the same page as these Neo Nazi Ultra Conservative Republicans that I have been running into lately who truly are nothing more than a bunch of whiny babies because they didn't win. I'm sorry if that description sounds harsh, but that is exactly how they come across to me. And I will not be a part of any group such as that. They don't want to stop and look and see why we didn't win. Instead we want to dig ourselves deeper and deeper in this ideology that we are still living in the Mid 50's America or we can return to good ole days. We can no longer govern by that mentality. And its time to alleviate these voices of the past that are unwilling to change and conform to New American and global ideals of the 21st Century way of life. In my book either you’re for progress or you’re holding it up and its time for you to get out of the way. We must grow up a little bit and put aside our discriminate attitudes towards certain groups or individuals because they are different. Our very party that helped to end slavery now fights to hinder individual freedoms of others. We have become the very thing we set out to destroy.

Republicans, instead of being proud of something our party helped give birth to by abolishing slavery and setting the stage for the first African American President in U S History, members of our party instead choose to mock him with limericks to a song called “Obama the Magic Negro”. I personally apologize on behalf of all Republicans for this debacle that has brought shame to the face of every Republican throughout this country. I am truly ashamed of the behavior and actions of my fellow republicans. It's time to grow up and start acting like adults. Playground limericks are over. If you have time to write songs like this, you have time to right some bills that will help boost this economy and create jobs, do something to start helping the American people.

Treat each and every citizen the same regardless of race, sex, or even sexual orientation. The party that preaches so called lesser government, does everything it can to try to legislate every little aspect of our lives and take away citizens personal liberties that each and every person is entitled to. There are those from our own party who preach down towards a group of citizens and calls them pure evil, but then turns around and gets caught in a public bathroom playing footsie under the stall. Such hypocrisy! If we have ever learned anything throughout our lives, it is to thine own self be true. What does your heart tell you when you look upon others who are different from you with that glaring haze of judgment in your eyes? It’s not for you to decide. Everyone deserves the right to the pursuit of happiness.

This is the world we live in today, like it or not. You can't turn back time, nor can you undo or change a human being into something you'd rather it be. When you single out a certain group of individuals because they are different from you, then you call them names and do it in the name of God, You have become the problem, and now it is time for you to go. We need new faces in our Republican party. Faces without hate, without bitterness, without special interest baggage, without prejudice, faces that actually do care about you and me. It’s time to remove all special interest from Washington and hold these people accountable for their actions and the same to all corporations and leaderships throughout this country. Corruption in Government is going to cease. Anyone wants to dare shout out Filibuster, let them tread at their own peril. These are serious times and we need serious leadership. We Americans are tired of the games and we expect results. That’s why we elected these leaders, to lead. So now its time to lead forward and fix the good ole U S of A.