Saturday, January 17, 2009

Only Your Argument Makes No Sense

Only Your Argument Makes No Sense

In Friday’s Ledger, the article “Makes No Sense”, well, it does just that. The writer talks about us trying to catch up to Northern practices regarding legalizing Sunday sales for alcohol. Is the writer even aware, that every state that borders Georgia in the South sales alcohol on Sundays?
The writer wants to know what kind of message this sends out to our visitors? We are letting visitors know that we are about business and tourism and meeting there needs here in the state of Georgia. We want our businesses to make the most potential profit they can, and along with it, we keep our much needed tax dollars here at home.

Our DOT is broke. You want these roads fixed? Then get on board. Let it be up to the store owner whether they want to be open on Sundays or not. We are legislating people’s livelihood based on some archaic prohibition era restriction on alcohol. Georgia is pro business and pro tourism and we want our citizens as well as our visitors to make the choice for themselves if they want to purchase and sell alcohol on Sundays. If you feel so strongly about it and are against it, then don’t do it. But quit telling everyone else how to live their own lives and run their own business.

In order for our state to make it, we have to make some really tough decisions. And those decisions mean coming of age and we have to stop legislating people’s lives. We live in a so-called free society but are restricted on who we can marry, when we can buy or sell alcohol, based on what? Someone’s religion and ideology? There is a separation from church and state and we must legislate accordingly.

I want to send a special thanks to Senator Seth Harp for his courage and conviction in putting Georgia First! I respect Senator Harp’s bravery for pushing this legislation again to bring our state into the 21st Century and work to keep tax dollars at work here at home in Georgia. When people know they are right, they never back down. Senator Harp, keep marching forward.

Comments from folks around the city on Sunday Alcohol Sales and My Article:

A letter from Hal Kirven

While I do not see the necessity for such action, I could 'live with it' providing drive through window sales either be eliminated, or, at a minimum, no cigarettes, chilled beverages, or single bottles smaller than 5ths or 750MM be allowed to be sold through the drive through windows, and a electronic license scanner be used for all identification (regardless of age).

With laws addressing open containers already in effect, selling products geared for immediate solo uses just doesn't make sense.


My response to Hal:


You made very good points there. I do believe the new bill would make restrictions a little bit tighter. As for the small single's, Hal you know as well as I who the people are that drink those, usually the poor and homeless, I mean thats what I have seen from the outside walls of Mr. E's and Mr. B's, but also in mixing, they are useful as well because they have the correct amount for whatever the blend is. Now I don't really drink, never have. Enjoy a glass of wine here and there, so make certain people understand that my opinion here is not based on some habit I have. I just believe in giving people the liberty to make their own decisions concerning purchasing and selling alcohol on Sundays. Drive thru's, I can't really comment on that. I mean people should have to purchase the alcohol in person, including cigarettes. I mean in northern states where it gets freezing temps, I can understand, but its always comfortable enough temperature to require the customer come inside to purchase the product. One other reason I see for the need of Drive Thru's Some locations are not that safe after a nightfall, so they close the front doors and work out of the drive thru's, it's a safer environment for the employees. So I have mixed feeling about that.

J Hobbs

A Letter from Lynn, from ITC

This is good Jeremy. It also goes for the other archaic laws on the books that you made mention of. Good luck Seth!