Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank You for Your Courage, Seth!

Thank You For Your Courage, Seth!

I want to personally thank Senator Seth Harp for never giving up and continuing to bring this matter forward year after year regarding Sunday alcohol sales. It will take time to get those required votes needed, but every year, Senator Harp’s persistence pays off as we get more and more citizens and legislators to come around and understand the importance of offering Sunday sales in Georgia. I ask of Senator Harp to never give up the fight to help increase Georgia revenue with this much needed Sunday Sales legislation. I admire Senator Harp’s courage for standing up against the voices of yesteryear, and having the bravery and conviction to say what is needed to help Georgia succeed and be a beacon to other businesses across this country.

I thank Senator Harp for all his hard work and efforts to bring an end to this prohibition era restriction on alcohol sales that has hindered some business owners within this state for close to a century. We must always thrive and in order to do so, we must put aside the theorized ideology that somehow Sunday sales of alcohol are evil. The only evil that persists is that of a lie. Read your bibles, and follow your hearts. Don’t jump just because someone says to jump and don’t hold yourself back, just because someone says to stay. Don’t take my word for it, we only have to look to our surrounding neighbors who put ideology aside and voted to allow Sunday sales of alcohol.

The opposing comments I have read in the Sound Off and the Voices section simply make zero sense and there is no evidence whatsoever that proves by allowing Sunday sales you are allowing sin. The only thing I see that Georgians are allowing is simple minded ignorance. Get Smart Georgia, and help our businesses succeed and let our citizens make their own choices regarding Sunday alcohol sales. Quit shoving your archaic ideology down every ones throat and let grown men and women make this choice for themselves.