Friday, June 26, 2009

A Farewell to the King of Pop

Michael Jackson R.I.P


Thursday was a shock and awe day for many Americans as well as people all around the world as we watched the news tell us the "King of Pop: Michael Jackson was dead".

Regardless of what people thought of the Pop Star personally, I believe everyone enjoyed and loved the music he wrote and performed since the 1960's. And let's also take into account that a person is innocent until proven guilty and not once was Jackson ever marred with a guilty verdict. But people like me, still continued to love and adore a man who touched millions of lives with musical notes and dance moves created from his own mind. Whether he was "Bad" or "Dangerous", Michael Jackson was a "Thriller". And let's always remember before we cast judgment onto another that we take a look at our own "Man in the Mirror" because I am sure we will find many a fault there.

As we move forward lets not forget the true victims of this death. Jackson left three innocent children behind whom I hope will find a good loving home and I pray they find solace and comfort in the many days ahead. And I pray our media treats these three innocent lambs as well as the coverage of their father's death with dignity and respect.

Jackson's music touched my life. From songs like "We are the World" to the "Free Willy Theme" and countless others. And I for one will forever be grateful to his countless contributions he bestowed upon our world. Let's not forget what an astonishing humanitarian Jackson was. Jackson was a World Record holder for taking part in over 33 charities. His work with AIDS has helped many get the life saving anti-retroviral medicines needed to live longer lives, not to mention the song and tribute Jackson wrote and performed in honor of Ryan White.

So, alas I bid adieu to the King of Pop, a soldier of love who brought joy and harmony to our world for just a very short time in our history, but whose legacy, moves, and music will forever be remembered. Rest in Peace, MJ and I'm sure there is one more sold out tour awaiting you upon arrival at St. Peter's Music Hall in Heaven.

Jeremy S Hobbs

Chairman and Founder

The Better Way Foundation