Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Director of Crime Prevention Already Filled

Position Already Filled


For the past year I have steered clear of commenting on our city and school board. Everybody needs a break, right? Well, breaks over.

In regards to the proposed Director of Crime Prevention position our Mayor wishes to create, I have to strongly oppose. We have already heard the figures coming through that we will not meet the projected revenues from the LOST. So why would we think of spending another million for a post that is already been filled?

The Director of Crime Prevention should be The Office of Crime Prevention where the officers that serve in these fields work and collaborate together. Ricky Boren (Chief of the Columbus Police Department), John Darr (Muscogee County Sheriff), Greg Countryman (Muscogee County Marshall), Jim Wetherington (Mayor and Director of Public Safety). There's your Directors of Crime Prevention.

We need not create a post that already exists. Who better knows how to deal and make suggestions regarding crime prevention than the people who work and live it every day? What we need is open dialogue between departments and team work.

I strongly urge our council and Mayor to rethink this position and vote no. This is nothing more than a waste of time and money that can be used in better ways to help prevent crime. Adding more bureaucracy to the stock pile is not the answer. Team work and Collaboration of our public safety departments and the Mayors office is the clear answer and solution to our problems. Work with what you have, everyone is! Every where we look companies are downsizing. Now is not the time to be adding another million dollars in debt to our budget. Show leadership and above all be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars.