Sunday, August 30, 2009

Midnight Express: A True Inspiration and Huge Success

Midnight Express Always a Success!


This past Saturday, I had the pleasure and pure enjoyment of attending the 29th Annual Country's Midnight Express. The time and dedication that was put into this event showed and proved to be their most successful year yet.

This year's Midnight Express had over 2100 people participating in the 5 K run. Wow. I can only hope and pray that our walk/run builds that kind of momentum 29 years from now. I was most impressed by the Fire Walkers. But what impressed me even more was the determination of the blind to not be treated as different as they took to the hot coals and one after another successfully crossed the path of fiery coals without fail.

I wanted to personally thank all the people of Columbus who came out and made this event the best year ever for Country's and showed that even with a weakened economy, people can and will still do the right thing for those in need.

Scott Ressmeyer did a fantastic job as he has year after year. Country's is a local a icon and a favorite eatery for many just like me. Plus we shouldn't forget the architect of all this, Jim Morpeth who has been a shining example of community leadership and stewardship.

I am proud of the work that the Country's Midnight Express offers to the visually impaired. All the events and the run itself were truly inspiring to me and others around this city. I simply wanted to say Thank You to Scott, Jim, Columbus Regional, The Columbus Fire Walkers and everyone else who participated and made this event possible for simple onlookers like me to come out and enjoy and most importantly take home with them a little piece of inspiration.

I'm looking forward to year 30, as is all of Columbus. Keep up the great work Country's and all those who helped make the Midnight Express a huge success.