Friday, October 16, 2009

President Obama Nobel Prize An Earned Honor All the Same

An Earned Honor All the Same


When I first heard the news that President Obama was receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, I was shocked. I asked myself; "What has he done to really earn this honor, and better yet so soon?" But instead of jumping the gun and flooding the email gates with an antagonistic tone, I thought about it. I thought about it long and hard. And this my friends is my conclusion.

President Obama, before he even became President, brought a country divided into the 21st Century. He embraced a country that had never elected an African American to the highest office in the land and proved once again, anything is possible in America, he proved once again any persons dreams can become a reality.

He stood up against all the voices of corporate backed anger, hatred, and mostly non-sense and marched forward with his determination to pass legislation for total Health Care Reform that will ensure all Americans are given the option of affordable health care coverage. We must always protect the welfare of our citizens and Health Care Reform is doing just that.

He is opening the doors to dialogue between ourselves and rogue nations to show to the world we are willing to listen and hear what they have to say, whether it be lunacy or lies, we still are opening the doors of communication and that is the only way peace can start to work. When we turn a deaf ear to those who wish to speak, we do nothing more than hurt ourselves and prolong the resolve in our fight for a true worldwide democracy.

President Obama embraces all Americans with his promise to reform laws that prevent equal freedoms for some and his dedication to the Human Rights Campaign because he believes that all Americans are entitled to the pursuit of happiness, not just some.

And one final thing that I respect President Obama for, is the dismantling of the controversial missile defense system in Poland. This took much bravery on his part. But in order for us to change our current stale relationship with Russia, we must listen to their voices because they have every right to be heard, the same as ours. For when we infringe upon that right and move forward without trying to negotiate a better strategy that could work for both sides, we become the dictator and that will only cost us our allies.

This Nobel Peace Prize is a symbolic message more than anything else to our President, that being the message of acceptance because the world once again see's our country not just moving forward but making major leaps toward peace, unity, and success.

Congratulations Mr. President!