Friday, December 25, 2009

Hobbs Holiday Wishes

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade

Wishing You a Kinder, Gentler, and Happy New Decade

As the new year approaches we find ourselves making all sorts of resolutions for the new year to help better ourselves, our health, our bank accounts, and even our future's. But something we rarely get is the chance to make a resolution for a new decade. We all witnessed the millennium and century change in 2000, but I feel we didn't do something right. We thought of what we wanted to change about ourselves, but did we ever think of how we can change and better the lives of others and the world around us?

Perhaps due to our own selfish behavior, we brought about the past ten years of war, financial crisis, and the potential collapse of the greatest country in the world, that started like a domino effect with the two World Trade Center Towers early one September morning.

This new decade let us be resolved to be a kinder, gentler America. Instead of looking inward, look outward and help others who are in need. Let us be resolved to put aside our differences and work together to rebuild a better tomorrow. Let us be resolved to reach out to others who are different and embrace them with adoration and kindness. Let us be resolved to fill hate with love, and indifference with tolerance.

We are not in this game alone. We never have been. We choose to isolate ourselves from others, to let hate come into our hearts and to let indifference cloud our eyes. But we can choose to make the world a better place for you and I.

So, start the new year and new decade right. When we start resolving to help, love and reach out to others, then things I believe will start looking alright. I wish each person peace, love and happiness. Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!